Comment 3

I couldn’t have gone through such a life-changing event, such as filing bankruptcy without the help of Mr. Keyes.  When my husband first told me we would have to file bankruptcy, I felt like my life was over and I was in a state of disbelief for a few days.  However, after we met with Mr. Keyes, I looked at the situation as an opportunity to have a fresh start.  Mr. Keyes was very knowledgeable in bankruptcy filings.  He answered every one of our many questions with confidence and made me feel like we had someone we could trust.

He was also very friendly; often times he spoke of his family or his life in general, which made the meetings a lot less tense.  Many times we had to bring our young son along to the meetings, and he was very good with him.  He often went out of his way to help us feel comfortable with the process and all the technical things that go along with filing.  Me, being a complete worry-wart, often had questions and stressed about every little thing.  I remember I emailed Mr. Keyes often, and thankfully he was always quick to respond with an email or phone call, and assured me that everything was okay and that he was taking care of things.  If anyone has to go through a difficult experience such as bankruptcy, I recommend Mr. Robert Keyes because he is intelligent, professional, courteous, patient, and friendly.

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