Comment 4

I happened upon Mr. Keyes and several other local lawyers from an internet law directory. Mr. Keyes offered me several minutes of general, but useful information without hiding behind a phone tree or overly fancy website submission forms, that the other lawyers listed in the directory didn’t. Some of these other lawyers offered “free credit counseling” and other cheep gimmicks, still others we left e-mails and messages with, but unless you could come sit in their office and meet with them they had nothing to offer. In person my wife and I found Robert Keyes equally willing to offer information that would eventually help us make the best decisions.

His experience and comfort with the system was most appreciated as we were both unfamiliar and nervous about how bankruptcy would affect our property and future. Mr. Keyes was straight forward and reassuring by giving us all of the information we would need to make our own decisions. At no time did we feel that Mr. Keyes was trying to influence use one way or the other. We appreciate his patience as the process probably took longer with us than with most couples. During the many months we took to file (like I said we took way longer than most) Mr. Keyes remained familiar with our case and available for discussions via e-mail, texting, or phone call.

During the court proceedings we felt prepared and everything transpired as Mr. Keyes had told us it would. Nobody wants to have to file for bankruptcy, but if you have to go through a bankruptcy I strongly recommend Robert Keyes.

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