Comment 13

I worked with Robert Keyes during a very difficult time in my life; I was completing my PhD at the University of Michigan and I had just gone through a protracted divorce that took almost longer than the time we were actually married.  My ex had no intention of clearing the debt I assumed for […]

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Comment 12

Today it has been about 12 months since I filed my bankruptcy case. It seems so far away from when I had to sit face to face with the mean old trustee. Today, my credit score is 669. I have not seen that score in all of my adult years. I could not have done

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Comment 11

I was referred to Me. Keyes by a friend and I have to say it was a comforting experience in such a hectic time in my life. I was well over my head in debt because of young foolish mistakes. I was nervous of the outcome but after talking with him I saw light at

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Comment 10

Bankruptcy is probably one of the scariest thoughts that any one person has to think about in life. I first went to Robert in September of 2011. I was so indesisive and unsure if I wanted to file.  The hour I  was in his office I probably said yes I do, no I don’t a

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Comment 9

I am so very thankful to have met Mr. Keyes.  He has helped me through this difficult financial situation and set my mind at ease.  He was very professional and helpful through the whole process of bankruptcy and I couldn’t have been in better hands. I would definitely recommend Mr. Keyes to anyone who finds

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Comment 8

I wanted to let you know how things have been going in my life since meeting you and filing bankruptcy. Let me say at first I thought filing bankruptcy was the worst thing I could do. I failed to realize that bad things happen to good people…and everybody deserves a second chance. I cried because

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Comment 7

As for a quick note about my experience during and after bankruptcy, I will just say I dreaded it like nothing I had ever been through. I was raised my whole life to believe that it was something you just do not do. Yet as life was what it was, I could no longer find

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Comment 6

We spoke with Robert Keyes about 3 years ago regarding a possible bankruptcy. At that time, we were not quite ready to go ahead and file, but he was patient and understanding, explaining to us our other options versus filing bankruptcy.  He was very compassionate and knowledgeable about our situation and bankruptcy, answering all our

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Comment 5

My experience working with Mr. Keyes was very pleasant. I felt like he really cared about my situation and made sure he was always available if I had any questions. He was very thorough with following up about anything that I needed to complete. From our first meeting I felt I had someone to work

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Comment 4

I happened upon Mr. Keyes and several other local lawyers from an internet law directory. Mr. Keyes offered me several minutes of general, but useful information without hiding behind a phone tree or overly fancy website submission forms, that the other lawyers listed in the directory didn’t. Some of these other lawyers offered “free credit

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