Comment 6

We spoke with Robert Keyes about 3 years ago regarding a possible bankruptcy. At that time, we were not quite ready to go ahead and file, but he was patient and understanding, explaining to us our other options versus filing bankruptcy.  He was very compassionate and knowledgeable about our situation and bankruptcy, answering all our many questions and concerns. He never high pressured us into going ahead with a bankruptcy, and put everything out there on the table for us to see what was our options, and leaving the decision totally up to us to decide.

It was a big step filing bankruptcy, but with Robert Keyes’ guidance and reassurance, he educated us about the whole bankruptcy process which erased a lot of our fears and in turn helped us make our decision. A lot of people have so many fears about the word “bankruptcy” and then wait until it’s very serious not knowing there is help out there from attorneys like Robert who can help you through it. That was one of the best things too in that Robert answered all my questions and addressed my concerns, making us feel like our case was important to him,  which I think is very important to any client.

We can honestly say that if you are looking for an good attorney who is very easy to talk to, a warm and compassionate attorney who will listen to you, who really cares about your situation and will answer all your questions, walk you thru the bankruptcy process from start to finish, then you need attorney Robert Keyes.  Alot of people get nervous talking to an attorney, but it seemed like only 5 minutes into our conversation, we felt so comfortable and at ease because he is so easy to talk to. I would always feel so much better when we hung up because of him being so supportive.

He really made the whole process so smooth and easy we couldn’t believe it, keeping us focused and informed throughout it.  I have worked with and met many attorneys in the past, but Robert Keyes truely stands out from the rest. We found him to not only be a warm delightful person, but very intelligent and knowledgeable about bankruptcy and really nice to talk to. We had many great conversations about our families, and it was nice to meet someone who cared more about helping you than someone who was just getting paid a fee.

Throughout the process from beginning to the end when we got the Discharge, he reassured us everything was going to be okay, “don’t worry”, “try to relax”, “it will be okay”, which was especially hard for me being the worry wart I am, but he was there 100% and walked us thru it all the way.

Believe me, you can be certain to get great service and knowledgeable answers to your questions from Mr. Keyes and you won’t be disappointed. We are so glad we found him and in looking back now, we know that it was the best decision we ever made because our lives are so much better now.  We can’t thank him enough for all he did for us. It’s also nice to know that he is still there for us with any questions or concerns we may have in the future.

My husband and I both think Robert Keyes is a wonderful and experienced attorney, and his knowledge about bankruptcy and his service is outstanding. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a #1 experienced attorney who is very kind, and professional for their bankruptcy needs. We consider Robert our friend who is always welcome at our home! He’s the best!

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