Comment 7

As for a quick note about my experience during and after bankruptcy, I will just say I dreaded it like nothing I had ever been through. I was raised my whole life to believe that it was something you just do not do. Yet as life was what it was, I could no longer find any options to my situation. The harassment from the creditors, their unwillingness to work with me left me no choice. I was falling into depression. From the moment you filed my paper work, it all stopped. Just as you said it would, the calls stopped. After it was closed it was a relief and peace I never thought I would feel again.

Post bankruptcy, As you said,( though I was skeptical) life was normal. I did and still do have my Ford truck I had barely bought at the time I filed. I make the payments, the bank is polite when I call which makes me happy. I know I did not have to keep the truck, but as you may remember I really wanted to. So I am glad I was allowed to. I was not only able to get another credit card, but the offers came to me. I did not have to search them out. I did wait almost a year because the offers get better and better I noticed farther from the bankruptcy. I was told by my auto dealer, that anytime I wanted to trade my truck and get a new one the bankruptcy would not be an issue.

I did talk to a lender for mortgages, they told me the general rule is after 4 years the chances are great for obtaining one. So to close, for people considering bankruptcy, I would not (nor did I) do it lightly, make it a serious choice, but relief is real. The after effects for me were minimal, the peace of getting a second chance is great.
Once again, thank you for all your help, it was a simple procedure with your help, you made the process, though  trying and difficult, truly as painless as it could be.

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