Comment 13

I worked with Robert Keyes during a very difficult time in my life; I was completing my PhD at the University of Michigan and I had just gone through a protracted divorce that took almost longer than the time we were actually married.  My ex had no intention of clearing the debt I assumed for him and as a result, I was in great financial distress.  At the finalization of our divorce, the judge ordered him to pay for my bankruptcy and although it was something that I never wanted to do, it became the best thing possible.

Robert was compassionate, thorough and diligent about finalizing the details related to my bankruptcy.  I found his words of wisdom about the financial process comforting and trusted him completely.  Less than a year after my papers had been filed, I received a notice about a financial judgment and immediately called Robert about the issue.  He handled the issue and I never worried about it again. After the bankruptcy, I still felt some shame about discharging my debt and assumed that I would have difficulty getting an apartment or even a car when mine was on its last legs.  After moving to Texas a year later, I found no difficulty at all in being approved for a nice condo and received a $30K loan from my credit union within 4 years of my bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone under every situation, but it worked for me and gave me back my peace of mind and a fresh start.

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