Comment 1

You spoke with me today concerning the dismissal of my lawsuit for an over mileage on a lease vehicle. I have to tell you – I just had to write to you – and tell you that sometimes the strangest things happen.

A person will actually go out of his way to be helpful, kind, and nice. I am overwhelmed that you were that way with me.

I know my problems (let’s make that plural) are all due to gross self inflicted stupidity. So it is very easy for someone like you, who could easily step in and fix a lot of the mess I am in, to hold back information and not help.

Heck – every lawyer I have ever talked to or hired has been that way. But this note is not about “woe is me” stuff or to slam lawyers.

This note is to sincerely thank you for being so easy to talk to, for being smart as a whip and “getting” all the issues I am facing (so quickly) and really going over and beyond the norm and giving me referrals to help me further.

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