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Mr. Keyes was very respectful and turned a difficult situation into a more manageable thing to go through. He was always available to talk to when we needed legal advice, and even encouragement when the thought of filing bankruptcy got the best of us. Since we filed at a rather young age, he has become somewhat of a mentor to my wife and I. We filed bankruptcy in March of 2009 and we look back on that time -what most would see as a black spot in their past- as a chance for a fresh start, and the time we made a true friend.

I am so very thankful to have met Mr. Keyes. He has helped me through this difficult financial situation and set my mind at ease. He was very professional and helpful through the whole process of bankruptcy and I couldn’t have been in better hands.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Keyes to anyone who finds themselves in this financial situation. I could not have asked for a better experience.

I was referred to Me. Keyes by a friend and I have to say it was a comforting experience in such a hectic time in my life. I was well over my head in debt because of young foolish mistakes. I was nervous of the outcome but after talking with him I saw light at the end of the tunnel. Mr Keyes was very prompt, knowledgable and professional. Once I left out of court I felt like a weight was lifted off me. After bankruptcy I was given a second chance at building my credit. And now my score is the highest it has ever been. I will continue to refer people to Mr. Keyes because he is trustworthy and non-judgmental. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Today it has been about 12 months since I filed my bankruptcy case. It seems so far away from when I had to sit face to face with the mean old trustee. Today, my credit score is 669. I have not seen that score in all of my adult years.

I could not have done this without Mr. Keyes. I have to say, along the way, I surely had some bumps and bruises. I think the trustee personally hated my soul. But Robert kept cool, and kept me calm. And in the end, he was absolutely right. Trust him! Things turned out exactly how he said they would. Robert was such a gentle soul, even when I was filled with anxiety..and guilt for things which landed me in his office. I highly recommend him. He is an honest man who will fight for your second chance.

My experience working with Mr. Keyes was very pleasant. I felt like he really cared about my situation and made sure he was always available if I had any questions. He was very thorough with following up about anything that I needed to complete. From our first meeting I felt I had someone to work alongside me to get through what would otherwise been a very stressful time.

I wanted to let you know how things have been going in my life since meeting you and filing bankruptcy.

Let me say at first I thought filing bankruptcy was the worst thing I could do. I failed to realize that bad things happen to good people…and everybody deserves a second chance.

I cried because I thought I had ruined my life, what I didn’t think about was if I didn’t make some kind of change or decision to change, my credit would be in the ruin forever.

The first thing that happened after filing with you was, I was able to get a new car… of course I had to pay a higher interest rate, but I didn’t mind because I knew that this was how things worked.

My auto finance lender allowed me to split my payments and take them directly out of my checking account. (this saves the headache of making the entire payment at once)

After 7 months passed I wondered if I be able to get a refinance done by my credit union….to my surprise they said YES!!!!! My interest rate went from 18.5% to 14.99%…. talk about being a happy camper!!!! They even approved me for a $1000. VISA!!!!!!!

I am on my way to rebuilding my credit history….

Thanks to you and your guidance.

I don’t think this will ever be a problem with me again…. But if something unforeseeable happens in the future, beyond my control… I will be contacting you.

Just want to say thank-you once again.

Bankruptcy is probably one of the scariest thoughts that any one person has to think about in life.

I first went to Robert in September of 2011. I was so indesisive and unsure if I wanted to file. The hour I was in his office I probably said yes I do, no I don’t a million times!!! He told me he would not represent me until I was 100% sure I wanted to make this HUGE step. As a young woman, I felt like he was looking at me as if I was his daughter, and how he would feel if someone just let his daughter make a life altering decision they are SO unsure about. He told me to wait 3 months and think about it, if I came back and decided I was ready he would represent me. He obviously cares about his clients, this was my first thoughts. Most Lawyers would probably have taken my money and started the process. I came back 3 months later and was ready to move forward and was no longer hesitant. He worked with me and put a lot of trust into me, as I did him.

I still keep in contact with him to this day and it will be 2 years in September 2014 since the discharge. We talk about life, work, family, and most IMPORTANTLY his awesome pens (lol). He has been pushing me to pursue my dreams to become a Lawyer any chance he can get! One day I will listen!!!

As cheesy as it sounds Robert has become a friend to me after this stressful process! I love keeping in contact with him and sending people his way!

I worked with Robert Keyes during a very difficult time in my life; I was completing my PhD at the University of Michigan and I had just gone through a protracted divorce that took almost longer than the time we were actually married. My ex had no intention of clearing the debt I assumed for him and as a result, I was in great financial distress. At the finalization of our divorce, the judge ordered him to pay for my bankruptcy and although it was something that I never wanted to do, it became the best thing possible.

Robert was compassionate, thorough and diligent about finalizing the details related to my bankruptcy. I found his words of wisdom about the financial process comforting and trusted him completely. Less than a year after my papers had been filed, I received a notice about a financial judgment and immediately called Robert about the issue. He handled the issue and I never worried about it again. After the bankruptcy, I still felt some shame about discharging my debt and assumed that I would have difficulty getting an apartment or even a car when mine was on its last legs. After moving to Texas a year later, I found no difficulty at all in being approved for a nice condo and received a $30K loan from my credit union within 4 years of my bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone under every situation, but it worked for me and gave me back my peace of mind and a fresh start.

You spoke with me today concerning the dismissal of my lawsuit for an over mileage on a lease vehicle. I have to tell you – I just had to write to you – and tell you that sometimes the strangest things happen.

A person will actually go out of his way to be helpful, kind, and nice. I am overwhelmed that you were that way with me.

I know my problems (let’s make that plural) are all due to gross self inflicted stupidity. So it is very easy for someone like you, who could easily step in and fix a lot of the mess I am in, to hold back information and not help.

Heck – every lawyer I have ever talked to or hired has been that way. But this note is not about “woe is me” stuff or to slam lawyers.

This note is to sincerely thank you for being so easy to talk to, for being smart as a whip and “getting” all the issues I am facing (so quickly) and really going over and beyond the norm and giving me referrals to help me further.

I couldn’t have gone through such a life-changing event, such as filing bankruptcy without the help of Mr. Keyes. When my husband first told me we would have to file bankruptcy, I felt like my life was over and I was in a state of disbelief for a few days. However, after we met with Mr. Keyes, I looked at the situation as an opportunity to have a fresh start. Mr. Keyes was very knowledgeable in bankruptcy filings. He answered every one of our many questions with confidence and made me feel like we had someone we could trust.

He was also very friendly; often times he spoke of his family or his life in general, which made the meetings a lot less tense. Many times we had to bring our young son along to the meetings, and he was very good with him. He often went out of his way to help us feel comfortable with the process and all the technical things that go along with filing. Me, being a complete worry-wart, often had questions and stressed about every little thing. I remember I emailed Mr. Keyes often, and thankfully he was always quick to respond with an email or phone call, and assured me that everything was okay and that he was taking care of things. If anyone has to go through a difficult experience such as bankruptcy, I recommend Mr. Robert Keyes because he is intelligent, professional, courteous, patient, and friendly.

I happened upon Mr. Keyes and several other local lawyers from an internet law directory. Mr. Keyes offered me several minutes of general, but useful information without hiding behind a phone tree or overly fancy website submission forms, that the other lawyers listed in the directory didn’t. Some of these other lawyers offered “free credit counseling” and other cheep gimmicks, still others we left e-mails and messages with, but unless you could come sit in their office and meet with them they had nothing to offer. In person my wife and I found Robert Keyes equally willing to offer information that would eventually help us make the best decisions.

His experience and comfort with the system was most appreciated as we were both unfamiliar and nervous about how bankruptcy would affect our property and future. Mr. Keyes was straight forward and reassuring by giving us all of the information we would need to make our own decisions. At no time did we feel that Mr. Keyes was trying to influence use one way or the other. We appreciate his patience as the process probably took longer with us than with most couples. During the many months we took to file (like I said we took way longer than most) Mr. Keyes remained familiar with our case and available for discussions via e-mail, texting, or phone call.

During the court proceedings we felt prepared and everything transpired as Mr. Keyes had told us it would. Nobody wants to have to file for bankruptcy, but if you have to go through a bankruptcy I strongly recommend Robert Keyes.

As for a quick note about my experience during and after bankruptcy, I will just say I dreaded it like nothing I had ever been through. I was raised my whole life to believe that it was something you just do not do. Yet as life was what it was, I could no longer find any options to my situation. The harassment from the creditors, their unwillingness to work with me left me no choice. I was falling into depression. From the moment you filed my paper work, it all stopped. Just as you said it would, the calls stopped. After it was closed it was a relief and peace I never thought I would feel again.

Post bankruptcy, As you said,( though I was skeptical) life was normal. I did and still do have my Ford truck I had barely bought at the time I filed. I make the payments, the bank is polite when I call which makes me happy. I know I did not have to keep the truck, but as you may remember I really wanted to. So I am glad I was allowed to. I was not only able to get another credit card, but the offers came to me. I did not have to search them out. I did wait almost a year because the offers get better and better I noticed farther from the bankruptcy. I was told by my auto dealer, that anytime I wanted to trade my truck and get a new one the bankruptcy would not be an issue.

I did talk to a lender for mortgages, they told me the general rule is after 4 years the chances are great for obtaining one. So to close, for people considering bankruptcy, I would not (nor did I) do it lightly, make it a serious choice, but relief is real. The after effects for me were minimal, the peace of getting a second chance is great.
Once again, thank you for all your help, it was a simple procedure with your help, you made the process, though trying and difficult, truly as painless as it could be.

We spoke with Robert Keyes about 3 years ago regarding a possible bankruptcy. At that time, we were not quite ready to go ahead and file, but he was patient and understanding, explaining to us our other options versus filing bankruptcy. He was very compassionate and knowledgeable about our situation and bankruptcy, answering all our many questions and concerns. He never high pressured us into going ahead with a bankruptcy, and put everything out there on the table for us to see what was our options, and leaving the decision totally up to us to decide.

It was a big step filing bankruptcy, but with Robert Keyes’ guidance and reassurance, he educated us about the whole bankruptcy process which erased a lot of our fears and in turn helped us make our decision. A lot of people have so many fears about the word “bankruptcy” and then wait until it’s very serious not knowing there is help out there from attorneys like Robert who can help you through it. That was one of the best things too in that Robert answered all my questions and addressed my concerns, making us feel like our case was important to him, which I think is very important to any client.

We can honestly say that if you are looking for an good attorney who is very easy to talk to, a warm and compassionate attorney who will listen to you, who really cares about your situation and will answer all your questions, walk you thru the bankruptcy process from start to finish, then you need attorney Robert Keyes. Alot of people get nervous talking to an attorney, but it seemed like only 5 minutes into our conversation, we felt so comfortable and at ease because he is so easy to talk to. I would always feel so much better when we hung up because of him being so supportive.

He really made the whole process so smooth and easy we couldn’t believe it, keeping us focused and informed throughout it. I have worked with and met many attorneys in the past, but Robert Keyes truely stands out from the rest. We found him to not only be a warm delightful person, but very intelligent and knowledgeable about bankruptcy and really nice to talk to. We had many great conversations about our families, and it was nice to meet someone who cared more about helping you than someone who was just getting paid a fee.

Throughout the process from beginning to the end when we got the Discharge, he reassured us everything was going to be okay, “don’t worry”, “try to relax”, “it will be okay”, which was especially hard for me being the worry wart I am, but he was there 100% and walked us thru it all the way.

Believe me, you can be certain to get great service and knowledgeable answers to your questions from Mr. Keyes and you won’t be disappointed. We are so glad we found him and in looking back now, we know that it was the best decision we ever made because our lives are so much better now. We can’t thank him enough for all he did for us. It’s also nice to know that he is still there for us with any questions or concerns we may have in the future.

My husband and I both think Robert Keyes is a wonderful and experienced attorney, and his knowledge about bankruptcy and his service is outstanding. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a #1 experienced attorney who is very kind, and professional for their bankruptcy needs. We consider Robert our friend who is always welcome at our home! He’s the best!